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During her 35+-year career, Lubica has worked as both a researcher and a psychotherapist. She has created many unique shadow work exercises based on the theories of C.G. Jung. Wanting to expand her work to audiences outside psychotherapy, she joined forces with her friend, Pavol, and daughter, Dana. Together, they started an educational company in Slovakia that transforms lives through shadow work and mindfulness.

In 2006, when Lubica mourned the loss of her brother and father, she had a dream about a monk, who created a mandala template in sand for her to color. She felt deep relief during that process, and the monk then told her in the dream that the template was the mandala of grief.

When she woke up and felt truly light for the first time in months, she wished others would also have a chance to experience such a profound transformation. She called Pavol, who is a painter, graphic designer, and Zen monk. He had an interest in painting mandalas since studying fine arts in college. She asked if he could design a template that would represent a mandala of grief. In a few days, he brought her two templates – one for grief and one for happiness. Both were beautiful.

Right away, Lubica, Pavol, and Dana started to use the mandala templates themselves and with their clients. Gradually, they created more than 150 mandalas of emotions, qualities and behaviors that became a popular tool for inner work and self-exploration.

Mandalive® originated from a dream and helps us see the invisible within. It provides us with a better understanding of all of our emotions, qualities and behaviors, both positive and negative.


Lubica Hamarova

The Soul of Mandalive®, shadow work expert, coach, trainer, Zen monk, and pioneer in applying C.G. Jung’s theories outside psychotherapy, Lubica is the reason all of this is possible. She has devoted her life to exploring the magic hidden within our unconscious minds. As a former university teacher and researcher, she focused on mental trainings for top athletes and the impact of Zen meditation on improving their performance. She has practiced Zen meditation for more than three decades.

Pavol Rozloznik

The Creative Force of Mandalive®, expert on mandala design, graphic designer, guest professor, and Zen Monk, Pavol has been fascinated by mandalas since studying the fine arts. As one of the top Slovak graphic designers, he was awarded The Identification Code of Slovakia Award for his lifetime work and contribution to the field of graphic design. He has also been dedicated to meditation and Asian spiritual practices for more than 30 years.

Dana Dubravska

The Brain of Mandalive®, shadow work expert, coach and speaker, Dana is passionate about making this work simple, understandable, and accessible to anyone. She studied neuroscience and psychology of mental health at King's College London. Prior to doing this work, she studied business administration and spent more than a decade in advertising, telecommunications, and logistics, leading teams of up to 100 employees. She has practiced Zen meditation for over twelve years.

Michal Zemko

The Moving Force of Mandalive®, Michal works with teachers and art therapists and is responsible for introducing Mandalive® into the educational and non-profit sector. He holds an MBA and and his second masters degree is in special pedagogics. He focuses on the research of mandalas and their effectiveness in art therapy. When doing his PhD he works on developing 3D haptic mandalas for the visually-impaired.

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