What is Mandalive®

Mandalive® is an art therapy tool designed to increase self-awareness and facilitate healing and growth through exploring emotions, qualities and behaviors. It combines the benefits of art therapy, mandalas, and Jungian shadow work all in one unique tool. You get to tap into your potential on a completely new level by embracing all of who you are.

Mandalive® consists of mandalas that represent emotions, qualities and behavior, both positive and negative. They are arranged in pairs; for example: happiness/sadness, success/failure, courage/fear. By coloring the mandalas, you'll learn to express emotions in a healthy way and gain access to mental energy and new possibilities that have – up until now – remained dormant in your unconscious mind.

You can color the mandalas either within the iPhone/iPad or Android app or you can print it out and color it on paper with pencils, crayons or felt pens.

This innovative approach to inner work, self-exploration, and healing helps you gain balance, energy, clarity, and confidence to live a more authentic and fulfilled life.


Why do we include negative aspects?


We’re told all the time to let go of the negative and think positively. This causes us to repress the emotions and personality qualities we don’t like or fear will be judged as unacceptable. The problem is that when we deny these negative emotions or qualities without giving them expression or – at the very least – attention, we don’t really let go of them. Instead, they end up hidden in the unconscious, turning into our shadow selves, ready to enter our lives out of nowhere as annoying, unpleasant, or damaging behaviors and situations.

Living only in the positive throws us out of balance. We’re much more dimensional than that!

True balance involves an integration of all of the polarities (both sides) in our personalities. We’re meant to live the full spectrum of our emotions and traits. This gives us access to all of the unlimited possibilities the universe has to offer. If we continue to repress the negative, we become less authentic and less dimensional.

However negative we believe our shadow selves to be, they actually contain a lot of positive mental energy and creativity, if we learn to use them with conscious intent. And Mandalive® is a great way to learn how to do that!

Do you want to try coloring Mandalive® with pencils without the app?

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