How to use Mandalive®?


Choose an emotion, quality or behavior you want to color from the list, or leave it up to the universe to see what comes up for you. You can color the mandalas directly within the app, or you can print them out and color with pencils.


Before you begin coloring, read your intention for the mandala or write your own. The intention is a map for your unconscious mind and increases the therapeutic power of the mandala. If you print the mandala to color with pencils you can write the intention yourself on the front or back of the paper.


While coloring, respect the shapes within each mandala. You can connect the smaller shapes to form larger ones if you still use the shape defined within the mandala. However, please don’t create new shapes that don’t already exist within the mandalas, and don’t color outside the lines. Color all of the shapes and areas of the mandala; it’s best if you don’t leave any area uncolored so that you can fully experience the powerful effect of all of the shapes, symbols, and colors. If you feel strongly about leaving some areas uncolored, please just color in more areas than you leave uncolored.


When coloring within the app you can tap on any shape with your finger to stay coloring within the lines. You can also adjust the size, sharpness and saturation of your brush in the lower right corner of the screen. The eyedropper inside the color wheel allows you to select a color that has previously been used in your mandala by taping on the eyedropper icon and then on the color within the mandala. For random color selection, you can press the dice icon located in the color wheel.


When coloring mandalas on paper, you can select colors either intentionally or by closing your eyes and intuitively choosing one of the coloring pencils. You can also select a limited number of coloring pencils in advance, for example four and you just use these to color the entire mandala. You can also decide to color each area of the design with a different color. It is ideal to alternate the way you color mandalas. Within the app, you can select the colors intentionally or you can use the dice button for random selection.


The final mandala can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical.


You can work with the mandalas as pairs, coloring the negative polarity followed by the positive one, or you can color each separately at different times.


Ideally, set aside enough time to color each mandala completely in one sitting. If you don’t have enough time available, you can divide the mandala into parts. While coloring within the app, you can continue to color the mandala later on, if you save it into the library.


Color the mandalas of the qualities, emotions or behavior that you reject and find unpleasant by starting from the edges and working toward the center. When you color mandalas of positive qualities that are already in your consciousness, you can color from the center out toward the edges. This is a recommended rule rather than a strict one. You might want to color the same mandala twice in a row and try it both ways, first starting from the edges and moving toward the center, followed by the opposite.


You can keep the colored mandala for some time and even display it, if you like. If you colored it within the app, all your work is saved in you library and you can print it out. After a period of time, you may choose to tear it to pieces, burn it or erase within the app. Positive mandalas can also serve as "amulets" or Feng Shui symbols and can be on long-term display somewhere in your house or office.


When coloring mandalas, you access the content of your unconscious mind. Therefore, you might experience various emotional states like anger, fear, stress, rejection, or disgust. Do your best to allow these feelings to flow freely from your unconscious, and express them safely within the mandala coloring process. If you release negative emotions in a safe way through working with the mandalas, you can prevent your unconscious from releasing them in your life in a compensatory and destructive way. For example, if you express your anger or frustration while coloring mandalas, you won’t overreact when your kids frustrate you, or you won’t become upset and overly sensitive when your boss gives you feedback. That way you will live a more balanced and fulfilled life.


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